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Opening of the Aloft Harlem Art Gallery

Founded by Sara Larner, Aloft Harlem Art Gallery is based on a partnership between the Aloft Harlem Hotel and local emerging artists, designed to bolster community and promote young talent.

Most galleries charge roughly 50% commission on all paintings they sell, but through the generosity of Aloft Harlem and the artist run nature of the gallery itself, we make sure that artists receive 100% of the profits from their paintings. This allows us to charge more reasonable rates than many galleries, while also showing off the gorgeous art made right here in uptown New York City.

Interview with the spinoff Magazine

As part of a collaboration with New Zealand-based streaming service Lightbox, the news and culture magazine The Spinoff interviewed Sara Larner about her paintings of the television show Hannibal, the third season of which was set to premier in New Zealand later that month.

release of anthology insert title here

Insert Title Here is an anthology of speculative fiction short stories, titled thus because it does not have a central theme but is instead made up of the stories editor Tehani Wessely didn't have an anthology for but couldn't turn away. Sara Larner is thrilled to be featured in this anthology along side such talented fantasy and scifi authors as Jo Anderton, Dan Rabarts, and Marianne de Pierres, as well as many others. 

paintings featured in philz coffee

A treasured watering hole for all of North Berkeley, Philz Coffee on Shattuck and Cedar will be featuring the work of Sara Larner through the end of January 2017.

UPDATE: Due to positive costumer response, Philz requested the show continue through the end of April.

release of her face all sharp on pseudopod

Winner of the 2014 Parsec Award, premier horror podcast Pseudopod recorded and released a podcast of Sara Larner's short story Her Face All Sharp

paintings featured IN BARNARD HALL art show

An exciting art show taking place on the Upper Westside, featuring several experienced student artists. Sara Larner's paintings were selected to feature through to the end of May 2017.