Q: Are you currently accepting commissions? 

A: Yes, just click the "Submit Commission" tab.

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Q: Do you accept international commissions? Is there a surcharge?

A: I do accept international commissions, and there is no surcharge. Unfortunately the shipping time can be much longer for international clients. So allow for a few extra weeks (or even months, depending on where you are) if you're planning to give a painting as a gift.

Additionally, some countries have set limits on what size packages they can receive from the US before shipping prices become insane. I'll let you know if your commission is approaching those limits.

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Q: how much does a painting cost?

A:  That depends on how big you want your painting to be. Sizes and prices range from 12"x16" ($600) to 42"x60" ($8,000). All prices are open to negotiation though, so feel free to reach out and we'll see what we can make work. (Estimates do not include shipping costs, which vary according to your location.)

Q: can i pay in installments?

A: Short answer, yes. Of course the details will vary person to person, but I generally don't have a problem spreading payments out over a month or two. Let me know what makes sense for you and we'll work from there. 

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Q: When do I get my painting?!

A: Paintings will be completed within one to two months, depending on the size of the commission, but must be allowed at least two months to dry before they are ready to be shipped.

Q: can i still commission a painting even if I don't have a screenshot picked out?

A: Absolutely! If you have a scene, movie, or episode of a show in mind, but don't know what specific moment you'd like, I'm happy to pick out a few screenshots for you. I'll send you over a folder of ten or so that I think will go well with my style, and you can pick which of those you like best—or, if you don't care, then of course I'm happy to pick for you.

On the other hand, if you simply have no idea what you'd like and want me to just paint what I think will look nice with your Prussian blue drapes, that's fine too.

(The exception is screenshots from video games—while I am happy to paint them, I have no idea how to play them, and probably won't be able to find you a screenshot you like because I will be too busy dying in the first 30 seconds. But if you have a triumphant moment you would like immortalized, feel free to send it over.)

FAq 6

Q: do you ever paint things that aren't abstracted versions of screenshots?

A: Yes, I paint landscapes and still lifes, and all the other normal artist things. However, I am a giant nerd and have a lot of fun playing with the established and intentional mise en scene of a beloved film or tv show.

That said, variety is the spice of something or other, and I've always enjoyed a challenge. If you like my style, send me whatever you've got and we'll go over it.

faq 7

Q: do you ever say no to a commission?

A: Sometimes. I love painting, but more than that I love giving my clients a product they will adore. If I don't think my style will fit well with the image you've sent, I'd rather tell you now than wait until it's done and give you something less than my best.

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Q: i heard you're obsessed hannibal... want to talk about hannibal? also, what's this rumor about a discount?

A: To the first part, yes. Always and eternally yes. To the second, Hannibal will always hold an extremely dear place in my heart, so I try to help fannibals out where I can. However, paints are expensive and my paintings take a long time. I want this to be affordable for everyone. Please contact me for further information.

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